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Question? How could you reach people and inspire them to build ‍‍while ‍‍‍supporting our economy?

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Greater24 Network’s Director was awarded the Community Media Lea‍‍‍dership alongside other community and business leaders.

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The network was established by Binchmark, an award-winning project development company based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The goal to create and distribute compelling media and to support both community based causes and the businesses that support them.

The network was originally founded in 2014 on two key principles for social change every 24 hours. These areas include an emphasis on personal self-improvement and community involvement every day that contributes to a greater society. This is where the name Greater24 originated.Since its inception in 2014, the network has grown a variety of powerful media and entertainment resources under its umbrella. From TV programs that air at prime access times in Virginia and North Carolina; a social network attracting more than 80,000 followers, publications, to a media production studio.

The network reaches individuals in local communities around the world.Greater24 Network creates compelling media and thought-provoking campaigns that challenge the public to build; provides resources, and raises awareness through its communication outlets and advocates. Greater24 Network is supported through business sponsorships and advertising.‍‍‍

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Area: Coastal Virginia | View
Greater24 was featured in a news article by News Channel 3 WTKR as an initiative encouraging citizens to take charge in their community and outlined the details of the Greater24 I Will Challenge and the impact it’s making.‍‍‍

Area: Coastal Virginia
Greater24 was mentioned on the front page of the Sunday edition of the Virginian-Pilot's Beacon Newspaper for involvement with a youth conference.

Area: Coastal Virginia
Greater24 was highlighted by FOX43 TV for its development of the first positive news, media and information network.

Area: Coastal Virginia | View
Greater24 was featured in a news article for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Tidewater Affiliate's partnership with Greater24.    

Area: Coastal Virginia | View
Greater24 was featured in a news segment by ABC 13 News Now for its development and community impact.

Area: Coastal Virginia | View
Greater24 was featured in a news article by News Channel 3 WTKR for its recognition of community hero’s through the Greater24 People’s List Awards.

Area: Coastal Virginia | View
Greater24 was featured in a news article by News Channel 3 WTKR for the outcome of recognizing various citizens that impact their community both locally and abroad and awarding Greater24's highest honor, the Humanitarian Mark Award.

We believe in creating better methods of communicating the information and projects that impact the people of a global community. Our platform is supp‍‍‍orted by individuals, small, and corporate businesses. However, we work toward creating the opportunities that can positively touch both parties which has contributed to our progress.

The amazing news is that there's a real platform in operation that's having success addressing these significant obstacles? Here's the backstory. What would happen if a media network like HBO, ABC or MTV started creating and distributing progressive but entertaining media? Media influences the support efforts of local organizations, educates the public, and dedicates consumer buying habits. ‍‍‍What if that same media network took the lead and performed like a community development agency by creating more purposeful social campaigns and programs? Finally, what if that same network extended help to its collaborating partners to help them better plan and execute their social engagement projects?

This comprehensive approach is exactly what's needed in such challenging times throughout the world. Instead of media using its power to simply entertain, it can better contribute the community overall.This approach would be very attractive to citizens worldwide to stay connected to the interesting media, events, new developments and the corporations behind the work. The good news is, it's here and touching more people everyday locally and abroad. Well now you understand the innovative methods used to develop and build the Greater24 Network that’s even caught the attention of commercial news outlets.

‍Area: North Carolina | View
Greater24 was featured in the Sunday newspaper of the Daily Advance with positive remarks from Greater24 participants and comments on the impact to area communities.  

Area: North Carolina | View
Greater24 was featured in the Sunday newspaper of the Daily Advance for the second time with an overview on the development of the Greater24 I Will Challenge and the solution it brings to local citizens to support their communities. This was the second consecutive Sunday Greater24 was featured in this newspaper.  

Area: North Carolina | View
‍‍‍Greater24 was mentioned in the newspaper of the Daily Advance for its React Initiative generating almost 1/3 of the funds raised within a campaign by the local chamber of commerce to support David Spisak, an 8 year old in his final days of stage 4 cancer.



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